Top 10 Cinema Swag

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The top 10 swag, the top 10 cash, the top 10 green, the top 10 moolah, the moolah, the moosh, the moo moo, the spondooli, the readies, the notes, the top 10 filthy lucre.

Here they are. And in no particular order.

Danger: Diabolik (Mario Bava, 1968). Suggested by @12pt9.image

The Ladykillers (Alexander Mackendrick, 1955). Nominated by @AlisonKerr1 and @GloriaBB2.image

Goodfellas (Martin Scorsese, 1990). Thanks to @PaulVonMitchell.image

Experiment In Terror (Blake Edwards, 1962). This was my pick (yes, Blake Edwards made crime thrillers too!).image

The Split (Gordon Flemyng, 1968). Thanks again to @SkotArmstrong.


Psycho (Alfred Hitchcock, 1960). And thanks to @BigValleyz.image

Smart Money (Alfred E Green, 1931). This was @dean_frey’s choice.image

The Big Money (John Paddy Carstairs, 1956). Nominated by @FilmMad.image

For A Few Dollars More (Sergio Leone, 1956). @SimoneNomegia nominated this.image

The Lavender Hill Mob (Charles Cricton, 1951). Thanks to @heero and @idirosyncratic.image


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