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  1. talya2312
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    I think since the internet and social media has now become part of our daily lives, all the hater/trolls have come out of the wood work. All you have to do is just look at YouTube and IMDB or even Facebook and all you see is hate hate hate. I never quite understood the motive of haters. I mean I know their objective is to spread hate. But why put so much energy into hating some? I mean they spend hours and hours trolling and hating on something or someone and getting into stupid argument with someone that they have never met and probably will never meet in their lives. Why not spend hours on something or someone you love? For example, I am not a fan of Justin Bieber nor One Direction, but it would be pretty stupid of me to troll their videos and forum saying how much I hate them and then going to their concerts and booing them. I think your blog post about script-writing really brought out the haters in full force.

    1. James Devereaux actor
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      Yes, passionate and insightful comment, Talya, many thanks.

      I don’t really understand why they spend so much time and energy doing it. I think it comes from a need to cover their own feelings of inadequacy lonliness and just having too much time on their hands.

  2. chicagoworksinprogress
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  3. Daniel Jude Gennis
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    If only you had wrote this last year, you would saved me a world of hurt. I had a falling out with someone last year and endured several months of their venom via Twitter and Facebook. I was becoming a hater myself until a really good friend, spotted the whole thing on Twitter, did some research, and told me this person was really offensive and was pulling me down. Once I stopped responding to their bile, they continue until eventually they stopped altogether and just disappeared back into the shadows.

    1. James Devereaux actor
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      hi Daniel,

      Sorry to hear that you’ve been through it, but glad that it is in the past. That’s the thing, once you ignore these people they just evaporate.

      1. Daniel Jude Gennis
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        Indeed they do James. I recently discovered the hater I had
        to deal with not only hardly uses Twitter anymore but has deleted
        many of the hate-filled comments they used to publish

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