Distracted: Post-Production Update

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I am delighted to inform you we are very close now to a rough cut of the film. The next phase will be to refine the aesthetic and work on the sound design; adding effects plus we have some ADR to do too.

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The battle all along has been simply to create – to possess the strength and the courage and the discipline to refuse off-the-shelf solutions or atmospheres borrowed from other films, to possess the will to think past those moments when we trick ourselves into believing we are creating when really what we are doing is copying (copying makes us feel safe and spares from the ardor required for actual artistic work). The battle all along has been simply to create. Create what? Something that only formerly existed in the imagination; as a vague image, or as an incomprehensible rhythm, or as an inchoate desire. We create the cinema we want to see:  the true cinema, the great cinema, the one which takes care of us, and unites us by enabling us to share those things we know to be true.


More updates soon.



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