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The aim of The Great Acting Blog is to explore and foster conversation about the artistic, ethical, philosophical and technical aspects of acting, viewing the actor as an individual creative artist, not as an employee.

A Script Is Like A Dream

  A work of art is the expression of a feeling experienced by the artist: it is feeling fashioned into a fantastic form by the imagination. This is certainly true of a film script. The literal action of a script, the surface incidents, may be fictional, they may be weird, but the feelings engendered within them are true. This is much […]

The Great Acting Blog: “Freedom In A Strait-Jacket – Conversation With The Actor”

  The next in our series of posts reflecting on the process of producing Distracted, focuses on the work of actor, John Giles. He plays Detective Mountjoy, a cop who needs to win a promotion otherwise his wife will leave him. After John’s last shot on the film, I sat down with him to discuss his approach […]