A Script Is Like A Dream

  A work of art is the expression of a feeling experienced by the artist: it is feeling fashioned into a fantastic form by the imagination. This is certainly true of a film script. The literal action of a script, the surface incidents, may be fictional, they may be weird, but the feelings engendered within them are true. This is much […]

The Great Acting Blog: “Freedom In A Strait-Jacket – Conversation With The Actor”

  The next in our series of posts reflecting on the process of producing Distracted, focuses on the work of actor, John Giles. He plays Detective Mountjoy, a cop who needs to win a promotion otherwise his wife will leave him. After John’s last shot on the film, I sat down with him to discuss his approach […]

Distracted: Post-Production Update

Distracted: Post-Production Update

Distracted | @DistractedFilm  I am delighted to inform you we are very close now to a rough cut of the film. The next phase will be to refine the aesthetic and work on the sound design; adding effects plus we have some ADR to do too. The battle all along has been simply to create – to […]

Distracted Update: Principal Photography Is Now Complete...

Distracted Update: Principal Photography Is Now Complete…

Follow @Distractedfilm …and so, after nine months, we have reached the end of what has been an extremely demanding and creatively exhilarating process. Cinema exists at that point where the imaginary and the real meet, both are transformed at the point of contact, and something new emerges, something that didn’t exist before. It is an […]

Distracted - March Production Update!

Distracted – March Production Update!

Follow @Distractedfilm Another intense shoot saw the great Nadine Hanwell join the cast as ‘Mrs Hopkins’, and our detectives mull over evidence via a beautiful, old, Fidelity reel-to-reel recorder in their attempts to find the murderer. Distracted’s paradoxical, strange and familiar atmosphere takes shape. We’re into the final stages of production now, and, as always, […]

Distracted Feature Film – Work Update

Follow @DistractedFilm As we move into the second half of production, I’ve put together a montage of scenes we’ve already worked on, which I hope will give you a feel for the film. We still have enough work to do, but I hope you like what we’ve done so far. Become A Backer Of The […]

Distracted: Production Update!

Distracted: Production Update!

Follow @Distractedfilm An intense, humbling and transformative shoot takes the production to around 50% completed. Intense because you fight to meet the demands the film makes upon you, humbling because you realise how much you don’t know, and transformative because you pass through the challenge and emerge on the other side changed. Distracted was always […]