Anyone For Tennis? – The Top 10 Cinema Racquets

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There was a minor dispute about whether or not the table tennis bat was infact a racquet, and a polite enquiry about including a television show, but,  apart from that, this list was compiled in an orderly fashion. Thank-you as always to all those who suggested titles. I thought it would be trickier than trains, and so it proved. Match Point was a popular one, but I went for Annie Hall as the Woody Allen. Tati’s Les Vacances De Monsieur Hulot was another one, but couldn’t be included because I generally try to avoid putting the same title on more than one list. There’s no Hitchcock this week for the same reason.

In no particular order then.

Terry Thomas in School For Scoundrels (Robert Hamer, 1960).
terry thomas scoundrel racquets
Michelle Pfeiffer in The Witches of Eastwick (George Miller, 1987). Nominated by @kpak0123.
michelle tennis gif
Mime in Michelangelo Antonioni’s Blow Up (1966). @maskeli_kedi nominated this one.
blow up tennis
Jack Lemmon with Shirley Maclaine in The Apartment (Billy Wilder, 1960). Thanks @allanholloway.
the apartment tennis
Gerard Falconetti and Laurence De Monaghan Claire’s Knee (Eric Rohmer, 1960). @RomantikKurbaa offered this one.
claire's knee gif
Dianne Keaton and Woody Allen, Annie Hall (1977). @kpak0123 and somebody going by the name of @matti_pellonpaa offered this one.
annie hall tennis
Fabio Testi and Helmut Berger in The Garden Of The Fitzi Continis (Vittorio De Sica, 1970). @dean_frey can be thanked for this one.
Fabio Testi & Helmut Berger in De Sica's The Garden of the Fitzi-Continis, 1970
Sally Forrest with Carleton G. Young in Hard, Fast And Beautiful (Ida Lupino, 1951). And @dean_frey can be thanked for this one too.
Sally Forrest in Ida Lupino's Hard, Fast & Beautiful, 1951
Katharine Hepburn. Pat And Mike (George Cukor, 1952). Suggested by @terrificmind and @maskeli_kedi.
katharine hepburn tennis
Michael York, Dirk Bogarde, Stanley Baker and Jacqueline Sassard in Joseph Losey’s Accident (1967). Thanks to @annatwigg.
the accident tennis

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