About Distracted

As we move into the second half of production, I’ve put together a montage of scenes we’ve already worked on, which I hope will give you a feel for the film.
We still have enough work to do, but I hope you like what we’ve done so far.
An ironic detective story, Distracted will undermine the conventions of the genre in order to explore the absurdity of one man’s state of being.

Detective Inspector Henry Baker has only got a few days left before he quits the force and fully intends to spend that time drinking Scotch and doing nothing. His plan is thwarted however, when his Captain uses a legal technicality to blackmail Baker into taking one last case, a vicious murder. To compound his misery, Baker is given a new partner, Derek Mountjoy, a man desperate to get promoted otherwise his wife will leave him. The search for the murderer begins, but Baker has no interest in finding him….

Written & Directed by James Devereaux

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