Noirish Project Now Available Online!

Noirish Project Now Available Online!

A Neorealist Feature Film Masquerading As Film Noir Noirish Project is a melancholy and gently absurd feature film about Billy, who steals his family’s precious pearls and hands them over to low-life Jimmy, who in turn takes them to a fence. But when the pearls turn out to be fake, Jimmy barely escapes from the […]

Project Update: Identity Cancelled - A Tragi-Comic Spy Thriller

Project Update: Identity Cancelled – A Tragi-Comic Spy Thriller

Identity Cancelled is an absurd, tragi-comic spy thriller and will be distributed as a companion piece to Distracted. Identity Cancelled centres on Teddy Hopkins, a secret agent on the run from his former employers, namely the British Government, who want him dead after one of their missions turns sour. They’ve cancelled Teddy’s identity; his passport, […]

Coming Soon! - Distracted (Feature Film)

Coming Soon! – Distracted (Feature Film)

  Distracted is an ironic policiers and a sly comedy. Inspector Baker is given a homocide & a new partner. But he just doesn’t want to do any work. More soon! Join Distracted’s Newsletter

Distracted Is Successful In Securing Funding

Distracted Is Successful In Securing Funding

Really delighted my new feature film was successful in securing auxiliary funding, which means production can now proceed. Further updates to follow. Meanwhile, the campaign officially ends tomorrow, check it out here.

Top 10 Glasses-Of-Water-In-Cinema

Top 10 Glasses-Of-Water-In-Cinema

Follow @Distractedfilm In no particular order. Airplane! (Jim Abrahams & David Zucker, 1980) Nominated by @liznorton88. Seconds (John Frankenheimer, 1960) Suggested by @barker11818. 8 1/2 (Federico Fellini, 1963) @JHPCine suggested this one. Taxi Driver (Martin Scorsese, 1979) Thanks to @SimonDale1965. Down Terrace (Ben Wheatley, 2009) Nominated by @chrdgriebe. North By Northwest (Alfred Hitchcock, 1959) Thanks […]

Filmmakers’ Filmmaking Manifesto

Follow Distracted The manifesto is made up of filmmakers whose work I admire (although the list is clearly not exhaustive), along with quotes that resonate, and articulate something that was previously only a vague feeling. It is intended as an aide memoire during production for Distracted; a quick hit of inspiration, to help overcome a […]

The Great Acting Blog: "Gene Wilder - Intensity + Precision"

The Great Acting Blog: “Gene Wilder – Intensity + Precision”

Gene Wilder-One of the truly great talents of our time. He blessed every film we did with his magic & he blessed me with his friendship. — Mel Brooks, August 29th, 2016 Gene Wilder marked all our childhoods with his unforgettable performance as Willy Wonka. He seemed perfectly suited for Roald Dahl’s magical, troubling universe. […]